Our vision, mission and principles


A European travel market that safeguards equal market access, fair competition and a level playing field,  transparency and consumer choice, and where innovation can flourish and economic benefits delivered to consumers as well as travel service providers.

A seamless passenger travel system that improves the sustainability of travel in the EU, and that provides all EU citizens with equal access to transparent travel information allowing them to make informed travel choices.



To educate and become an ever more trusted advisor to European policy makers, industry peers, consumer groups and the media on the benefits and the essential checks and balances provided by independent travel distribution and technology. To promote smart regulation and consistent enforcement of such regulation to ensure fair market access, consumer choice, and transparency.




We encourage innovation in travel technology and distribution, leading to lower costs for suppliers and wider choice for consumers. Regulatory initiatives at EU or Member State level should take into account the consumer benefit of new business models that provide more choice, transparency and competition for travel products. Existing regulation, no longer fit for purpose, must be reviewed and new regulation must allow new business models to develop in competition with vested interests of incumbent travel suppliers.

We also advocate for a seamless passenger transport system that improves the sustainability of transport in the EU, and that provides all EU citizens with equal access to transparent travel information allowing them to make informed travel choices.

Equal Market Access

The European travel market must be fair and equally accessible to all, with minimum barriers and an adequate level of regulatory harmonization and consumer protection. Access to travel content on equal terms must be provided, especially where travel service providers are disincentivised from making available such content to the detriment of consumers.

We oppose the proliferation of regulatory initiatives at EU or Member State level that may raise new barriers to market access and that oppose the objective of the EU to create a single economic area and single market.

Fair Competition

All travel information and distribution channels and providers should be able to benefit from fair competition, both horizontally and vertically. In particular, a level playing field needs to be safeguarded between direct and indirect distribution in the widest sense.

We therefore support regulatory initiatives that safeguard and clarify fair competition, but we encourage the strict and diligent application of competition rules where these prove to be more effective to address the behaviour of individual economic actors which cannot be absorbed by market powers.

Transparency & Consumer choice

European consumers should have the right to transparent, complete, and unbiased information on the widest range of travel services, in order to make informed choices, thus stimulating fair competition in the travel market place.

Transparency in this context means that all travel content, including core ancillary content, is made available to the consumer, and objective criteria are used to rank such content.

We support the continued existence of regulations that warrant EU consumers these essential rights We believe that these regulations need to be updated to reflect market conditions, specifically to ensure that all economic actors that participate in the same market are subject to the same rules, rights and obligations.