• ETTSA and VIR files a antitrust complaint with the European Commission against the Lufthansa Group

    ETTSA and VIR (Verband Internet Reisevertrieb), the German association representing the digital travel industry, have filed a joint complaint with the European Commission’s antitrust authority (DG COMP) for abuse of dominance by Lufthansa Group concerning discriminatory and exclusionary practices against independent distributors of airline tickets, including global distribution systems (GDSs) and their travel agency users.

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  • Google macht das Licht an (DE)

    Swiss hoteliers magazine HTR features ETTSA Secretary General Christoph Klenner, discussing Google's anti-competitive behaviour in the online travel arena...

    18 Mar 2014 Download (PDF, 1.25 MB)
  • Tnooz: When it comes to the NDC, every day is Groundhog Day

    ETTSA reacts to IATA’s claim that the NDC is just a new data standard, saying instead it’s anti-competitive — and you don’t have to receive GDS incentives to agree.

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  • Travel Weekly: Online travel group ETTSA says PTD leaves 'loopholes'

    The European Technology and Travel Services Association (Ettsa) has challenged claims that Europe’s package travel proposals “give a blessing to Flight-Plus”...

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  • NY Times: Rivals Oppose Proposed Google Concessions on Displaying Search Results

    BRUSSELS — A group of technology and media companies on Tuesday ratcheted up pressure ...

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  • The Beat: ETTSA Analysis on New Distribution ambitions

    ETTSA secretary general Christoph Klenner penned this guest column following recent discourse about IATA's NDC

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  • Europe's high speed rail future: ETTSA on CNN Business Traveller

    ETTSA's Christoph Klenner outlines the importance of third-party distribution of rail fares.

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  • Financial Times: "Airlines push for personalised ticketing"

    The aviation industry is heading for a battle next year over how air travel is  sold, as airlines push for a new approach to distribution that would allow them  to personalise their offers to ticket-buyers and better distinguish their  products from rivals...

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  • Travel Weekly: Iata plots 'end to airfare comparison shopping'

    Airline association Iata will take a major step toward overturning the existing fare-distribution system if a vote among a group of about 30 airline representatives goes the way it wants...

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  • ETTSA rebuttle: Airlines accuse GDSs over ‘lack of innovation’

    "Airlines are missing out on crucial revenue because GDS owners have failed to offer enough innovation," according to IATA Director General, Tony Tyler. But the European Technology and Travel Services Association (ETTSA), the trade body representing GDSs, said these claims about a lack of innovation were “baseless”.

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  • ITM 2012: Warning on Google's entry into corporate travel

    Travel buyers have been warned that Google’s entry into business travel could lead to “biased” search results. Christoph Klenner, secretary general of the European Technology and Travel Services Association (ETTSA), gave the warning during the ITM conference in Manchester today.

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  • Travel Market Report: GDS Reps Fire Salvos at IATA Over ‘False Representations’

    GDS companies and their representative associations are lashing out at IATA for spreading what they call “false representations and mischaracterizations” in an article in the IATA magazine, Airlines International.

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  • Travel Mole: GDSs in row with IATA over magazine article

    Global distribution systems have hit back at criticism from airline body IATA after they were accused of being outdated and not useful to airlines.

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  • Travel Weekly: IATA attacked for bias over GDSs

    IATA has come under fire from organisations representing GDSs in Europe and the US for painting a "fundamentally false" picture of the industry.

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  • Euronews: Launch of

    Euronews is announcing the launch of its travel and leisure website at the world's leading travel trade show, the ITB in Berlin.

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  • Mashable Social Travel Series: The Evolution of Online Travel (infographic)

    These days, it's hard to imagine booking travel without leaving the comfort of your computer chair. But booking flights electronically is actually a relatively new invention, despite its ubiquitous presence nowadays.

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  • Travel Weekly: OTA association calls for reprieve on Flight Plus ‘sledgehammer’

    The association representing online travel agencies (OTAs) has restated its opposition to linking holiday elements booked at different times as a single Flight-Plus booking.

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  • Travolution: TTE Preview - ETTSA to extol the virtues of GDS travel distribution

    GDS-powered distribution of travel product will be held up as the best way to offer travellers the choice and transparency they demand at this year's Travel Technology Europe show.

    27 Jan 2012 Read more
  • Tnooz: Why the mechanics behind travel distribution will blow your mind

    Global distribution systems are crunching and processing travel data at astonishing scales and speed, but travellers (and probably many in the industry) would not have any sense of how it is done.

    18 Jan 2012 Read more
  • The European Commission: Europe Poised for Travel Revolution

    The European Commission adopted a roadmap of 40 concrete initiatives for the next decade to build a competitive transport system that will increase mobility, remove major barriers in key areas and fuel growth and employment. At the same time, the proposals will dramatically reduce Europe's dependence on imported oil and cut carbon emissions in transport by 60% by 2050.

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  • BBC: Airlines and agencies battle it out

    Christoph Klenner, Executive Secretary of ETTSA, was featured on Fast:Track, a BBC World News programme, in a debate about the transparency of air fares.

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  • European Commission: Results of the first European inquiry among citizens about their holiday plans 2009

    Over 27,000 randomly selected citizens aged 15 and over, were interviewed in February 2009 in the 27 EU Member States. For the first time the Commission has done such an extensive survey, which offers to all tourism stakeholders a wealth of information, presented analytically by country and demographic categories. At least 50% of EU citizens travel each year, in the majority of the EU countries this percentage is even higher, and nearly three-quarters of citizens take at least one trip per annum.

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  • The Beat: Serious GDS situation

    It seems another loaded deck of cards is going to be played against a member of the global distribution system community.

    19 Mar 2009 Read more