ETTSA welcomes new UK standards and reiterates calls for harmonisation of consumer protection standards at EU level. 

    The European Technology and Travel Services Association (ETTSA) is one of the leading supporters of transparency, fair competition and choice for travellers. This is why several ETTSA Members constructively took part in the cooperative process initiated by the CMA - the Competition and Markets Authority in the UK - which resulted in the creation of these new UK standards to be applied as of September 1st, 2019. ETTSA fully supports the end goal of looking for better ways to serve consumers.

    29 Aug 2019 Download (PDF, 95.64 kB)
  • Expert study refutes airline claims that direct distribution is less expensive

    24 Oct 2017 Read more
  • Airline consolidation limits competition and reduces consumer choice, study confirms

    11 Oct 2017 Read more
  • Package Travel Directive (PTD): Legislative decision-making may hurt travel sector and consumers

    Press Release: Brussels 29 May 2015 – The final agreement on the EU Package Travel Directive (PTD) has failed to respond to serious and legitimate concerns raised by a broad range of stakeholders, representing both the travel industry and consumers. 

    29 May 2015 Download (PDF, 1.07 MB)
  • Press Release: Travel Coalitition Urges EU to reconsider PTD

    Brussels 17 April 2015 – Leading European travel, tourism and passenger representatives have called on European Institutions to postpone a final vote on the Package Travel Directive (PTD) due to take place on 22 April in Brussels because of serious flaws that will be detrimental to European consumers and business alike.

    17 Apr 2015 Download (PDF, 388.58 kB)
  • Press Release: Package Travel Directive: Council jeopardizes European travel market

    The general approach by the Council on the Package Travel Directive has been universally condemned by travel industry stakeholders.

    04 Dec 2014 Download (PDF, 1.08 MB)
  • Press Release: Travel industry groups propose collaborative development of distribution standards, invite IATA to join

    28 Oct 2013 Download (PDF, 194.57 kB)
  • Press Release: Taking rail ticket distribution to the next level

    02 Oct 2013 Download (PDF, 249.46 kB)
  • Press Release: Travel technology companies tell IATA to “get real” about NDC

    24 Sep 2013 Download (PDF, 46.40 kB)
  • Open Letter from ETTSA and ITSA (Interactive Travel Services Association (US-based)) challenging IATA on false representations and mischaracterizations about Global Distribution Systems

    06 Mar 2012 Download (PDF, 205.64 kB)
  • Press Release: Spanair bankruptcy compels careful rethink of UK traveller protection rules

    Brussels, 1st February 2012 – The collapse of Spanair exposes the gaps in financial protection of the travelling public across the EU, according to the European Technology & Travel Services Association (ETTSA).

    01 Feb 2012
  • Press Release: Independent Travel Distribution on board at Travel Technology Europe

    Brussels, 27 January 2012 – Competition and consumer choice advocate ETTSA will help kick off Travel Technology Europe, the largest event of its kind in Europe, by addressing the unmatched benefits of independent travel distribution for all travellers on 7 February, 12:00, at the TTE Travelport Live Theatre, Earl's Court, London.

    25 Jan 2012 Download (PDF, 163.35 kB)
  • Press Release: Independent Travel Distribution Explained in Animated Video – collaboration between ETTSA and GBTA Europe

    See the animated video

    10 Nov 2011 Read more Download (PDF, 357.50 kB)
  • Press Release: ETTSA welcomes Commission push for rail ticketing standards – points to growth opportunities for European rail sector

    The European Technology & Travel Services Association (ETTSA) applauds the publication of a new EU Regulation to facilitate pan-European rail travel by driving the implementation of standards for fare and timetable data as well as ticketing processes. ETTSA represents the leading global distribution systems as well as major online travel agents in Europe.

    09 May 2011 Download (PDF, 514.97 kB)
  • Press Release: ETTSA presents landmark study on European travel distribution

    Online travel and the technology that powers travel distribution have revolutionised the European travel industry, maintaining strong growth despite tough economic conditions, according to a study by industry authority PhoCusWright.

    30 Sep 2010 Download (PDF, 2.50 MB)
  • Press Release: ETTSA Online Travel Companies welcome ambitious Air Passenger Rights initiative, but urge Commission to level the playing field

    01 Jul 2010 Download (PDF, 271.58 kB)
  • Press Release: ETTSA asks Commission to carefully consider alliance impact on travel distribution

    05 May 2010 Download (PDF, 335.23 kB)
  • Press Release: ETTSA calls for better passenger protection

    04 Mar 2010 Download (PDF, 404.90 kB)
  • Press Release: ETTSA offers solutions for Package Travel dilemmas

    10 Feb 2010 Download (DOC, 33.00 kB)
  • Press Release: ETTSA expansion continues as eDreams becomes 8th Member

    eDreams, the fast-growing e-commerce travel company headquartered in Spain, is the latest to join like-minded members of the European Technology & Travel Services Association (ETTSA).
    01 Dec 2009 Download (PDF, 115.53 kB)
  • Press Release: ETTSA Welcomes EU Action on Financial Protection of Travellers

    European policymakers are moving to clear up the confusion over financial protection for consumers of travel products, according to ETTSA (European Technology & Travel Services Association).
    30 Nov 2009 Download (PDF, 60.72 kB)
  • Press Release: ETTSA welcomes European Commission scrutiny applied to proposed Lufthansa acquisition of Austrian Airlines

    Brussels, 13/07/2009 - ETTSA, the European Technology and Travel Services Association, welcomes the decision by the European Commission to apply detailed scrutiny to the proposed acquisition of Austrian Airlines by its competitor Lufthansa".
    13 Jul 2009 Download (DOC, 698.50 kB)
  • Press Release: IATA disregards EU rules

    Brussels, 16/04/2008 - In contradiction to a new EU Regulation that protects travel agencies from having their identifiers disclosed in market intelligence reports, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) continues to sell its PaxIS product with travel agency identification. ETTSA is joining the growing chorus of voices calling on IATA to abide by its legal obligations.
    18 Apr 2009 Download (DOC, 698.50 kB)