ETTSA Issues

  • Transparency and access to content

    The trend of airlines unbundling their fares has led to complexity and consumer confusion. The ultimate amount charged to the consumer is often significantly higher than the advertised fare. While independent distributors, including ETTSA's members, only advertise fares that include all surcharges, the lack of transparency on the part of such airlines misleads consumers, prevents them from comparing prices, and thus creates competitive distortion. ETTSA works with the airline industry and with regulators to address these issues and to ensure full transparency of fares and ancillary fees for end consumers.

    01 February 2016

  • EU Aviation Strategy: Review of EU Air Transport Legislation

    The European Commission is in the process of reviewing a number of pieces of legislation governing the air transport industry, to check if they are fit for purpose. They include the Code of Conduct for Computerised Reservation Systems, and the Regulation on common rules for the operation of air services in the EU (Reg. 1008/2008) which contains provisions for transparency of air fares and ancillary fees. ETTSA is working closely with the Commission to provide the indepedent travel distribution industry perspective.

    04 January 2016

  • EU Competition investigations

    ETTSA and its members have contributed extensively to the Commission's investigation of alleged abuse of dominant position by Google Inc. It has been argued that the preference Google's horizontal search results page gives to Google's own vertical products (in particular Google Flight Search and Google Hotel Finder) constitutes bias and puts online travel agents at a significant competitive disadvantage, thus leading to less search relevance and less choice for consumers. ETTSA is working with the Commission and other industry stakeholders to address these issues as the investigation progresses. In addition, ETTSA is working closely with the Commission on an ongoing request for information regarding aspects of airline distribution.

    15 June 2016

  • EU regime on Air Passenger Rights and Insolvency Protection

    We welcome the comprehensive Air Passenger Rights regime in force in the European Union. However, ETTSA calls for a level playing field in terms of passenger protection, and encourages the European Commission to look at better protecting travellers from airline insolvency. We are working with the European Commission, the Parliament and the Council during the ongoing review of the Air Passenger Rights Regulation.

    14 April 2016

  • Transposition of the EU Package Travel Directive

    The Package Travel Directive is in the process of being transposed by Member States. ETTSA is working with Member State officials to ensure a workable interpretation of some of the remaining grey areas of the Directive, in particular as it relates to so-called Linked Travel Arrangements. ETTSA insists on a more harmonised interpretation of the rules so as not to jeopardize the provision of travel services across EU borders.

    02 September 2016

  • Liberalisation of Europe's cross-border rail system

    It is our view that a competitive European rail system would benefit greatly from embracing the independent distribution channel and taking advantage of its global reach. ETTSA and its members are working with policy makers and the European rail sector to facilitate rail integration into independent travel distribution and thus help strengthen the competitive position of rail in Europe. This will yield significant environmental, commercial and consumer benefits. ETTSA and the rail sector are developing a Full-Service Model (FSM) consisting of detailed standards and specifications to make rail distribution more efficient and accessible for any technology service provider.

    25 June 2016

  • The drive towards seamless intermodality in Europe

    Effective intermodality and the ability for consumers to book seemless intermodal journeys is one of the key objectives of the European Commission's transport strategy. ETTSA and its members are working closely with regulatory stakeholders and with other industry players (airlines, railways, public transport providers, etc.) in order to deliver the right technological tools to make intermodal travel information, shopping, booking, ticketing and fulfilment a reality. ETTSA is part of several relevant regulatory and industry initiatives, including the European Commission's Working Group 3 on Intermodality, TAP-TSI, the Full-Service Model (FSM), Shift2Rail, and the All Ways Travelling Consortium.

    20 March 2016

  • A robust EU Consumer Protection framework

    Thoroughly enforced consumer rights are an important tool to achieve an effective online internal market, and a competitive and customer-friendly travel industry. However, in order to safeguard the competitiveness of online travel businesses, consumer rights must be transposed, implemented and enforced in a harmonised way across the European Union. ETTSA is working closely with regulators and other industry stakeholders in respect of the implementation of the Consumer Rights Directive (CRD) and the Guidelines for implementation of the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive (UCPD). In September 2016, ETTSA was invited by the Commission to join a stakeholder advisory group on the review of EU Consumer and Marketing Law.

    10 September 2016

  • An effective Digital Single Market for Europe

    ETTSA welcomes the European Commission's ambitious plan to make the Digital Single Market a reality, and to bring down barriers to cross-border trading online. We particularly applaud the Commission's intent to look at different online verticals and not resort to blanket regulation but instead to apply a problem-based approach wherever a vertical market may not function optimally. ETTSA will work with the Commission to address any concerns relating to the online travel value chain, in order to achieve the best possible outcome for suppliers, distributors, and consumers of travel.

    01 November 2016